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Nature & Wildlife

Part of Aden’s charm is its balance between informal woodland, managed parkland, rhododendron-lined paths, Victorian arboretum, wild flower meadows, and secluded gardens. This varied landscape contributes to Aden’s unique mix of biodiversity and wildlife. Please click on any of the facilities and activities below for more details.


Animals & Wildlife

With its diversity of habitats, whether wild or more formal, Aden is home to a great variety of animals and wildlife throughout the year. From the resident, but secretive roe deer, to summer migrants that have even included osprey.

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An important feature within the landscape of Aden Country Park is the stunning Victorian arboretum (botanical garden of trees). The Victorian arboretum stretches from the area known as the Lower Garden, within a loop of the South River Ugie.

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The lake is a real draw for both visitors and wildlife alike. The resident mallard and moorhen ducks always prove to be a hit. Other wildlife that can be spotted includes frogs, heron, otter, and if you’re really lucky the turquoise flash of a kingfisher.

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Ranger Service

The Ranger Service at Aden aims to help you make more of your visit by promoting an increased awareness and appreciation of the countryside. The Rangers Service also offers activities, events, guided walks and talks to adult and children’s groups.

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SANDS, Sensory & Carers’ Gardens

Aden has three secluded gardens aimed at providing space for relaxation and contemplation. The Carers garden acknowledging the role of carers in society, SANDS is a memorial garden for families who have experienced the death of a baby, and the Sensory garden is aimed at stimulating all the senses.

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