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Animals & Wildlife

geeseWith its diversity of habitats, whether wild or more formal, Aden is home to a wide-ranging selection of animals and wildlife. Of course, what you might see depends on what time of year you are here, the time of day and even how quiet and patient you are!

There’s the River Ugie, which winds through the park, a small lake, several areas of trees– from broad leaved trees to Sitka spruce to Scots pine - and don’t miss out the more exotic trees in the Lower Garden or arboretum down by the river.



Aden DearThere are a wide range of mammals in Aden, those that have been spotted include rabbits; water shrew; fox; otters and roe deer – and let’s not forget the bats, the only mammal that can fly!

Signs of their presence include prints, droppings, homes and feeding. If you walk around the Coach House and inspect the doors and look up at the windows, you will see bat droppings. On the subject of poo, rabbit droppings are everywhere – they eat grass, and there is plenty of that in Aden!

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As well as wildlife there are masses of different birdlife that has been spotted in Aden, these include Heron; Osprey (flying overhead in summer); Goldcrest (our smallest bird); Woodpeckers (often heard rather than seen); Buzzard; Chaffinch; Wren; Tree creeper; Dipper; Blue tit; Great tit; Crows – have learned to check you’ve left no crumbs after your picnic!; Mallards; Moorhen; Siskin; Black headed gulls; Oystercatcher; Pink footed geese (flying over during the winter months); Blackbirds; Thrush; Greenfinch; and Kingfisher by the lake, if you are lucky.

Amphibians & Insects

Other wildlife to watch out for in Aden include: frogs, toads, butterflies, spiders, dragonflies, slugs, snails, water boatmen, woodlouse, shield bugs, lace wings, caterpillars, beetles, bees, to name but a few… lots to explore!

Farm Animals

Cows, sheep and chickens are other, less wild, animals that can be seen in Aden. Fields are leased out to local farmers who use the ground for grazing their farm animals. Their presence, especially around Hareshowe Farm brings the story of NE farming to life.

The resident chickens at Hareshowe Farm also prove to be very popular with visitors. This year there are a range of rare breed chickens including a Cuckoo Maran, black and white Sussex, and beautiful fluffy Silkies. Excitement grows in the spring to summer months when the new chicks hatch. So far we have 5 adorable blue Silkie chicks and a special gold broody hen who has adopted 4 baby ducklings - a must see no matter what your age!