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lakeThe lake and former mill pond would have been originally constructed to power the Aden estate farm building and thrashing mill.

Today the lake has a new role to play. It is a real draw for both visitors and wildlife alike. The resident mallard, moorhen and occasional tufted and teal ducks always prove to be a hit. Feeding the ducks can be a great experience for kids. They provide children with a good opportunity for interaction with small animals.

Other wildlife that can be spotted includes frogs, heron, the occasional swan and even otter have been spotted in or near the lake. If you are really lucky you might even see the turquoise flash of a kingfisher.

One word of warning, if you do decide to feed any of our resident ducks we do encourage people to buy a bag of duck food from pet stores. Bread crumbs are not actually good for ducks as they don't provide nutrients.

Neither fishing nor swimming are allowed in the Lake.