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Past and present come together at Aden

Skills swap shop combines traditional activities with up-to-the-minute computer fun. The traditional clashed with the contemporary yesterday during a fun day at a north-east visitor attraction. Aden Country Park at Mintlaw hosted the so-called skills swap shop, which showcased weaving and knitting in the same arena as playing games on the Wii computer console.

The project saw the older generation tutor youngsters in pastimes from their era and vice versa.

Buchan community learning worker Jane Verity said: “The event, which was relaxed and fun, aimed to protect skills that are in danger of being lost, but also encourage new skills to be learned.

“With generations learning together, it is hoped the event helped break down generational barriers, increase respect, and knowledge and understanding of local history.”

Other activities exchanged at the two-day event included lantern-making, text messaging, spinning, embroidery and making non-alcoholic cocktails.

It was staged by Aberdeenshire Council, Central Buchan Community Learning and Development and the Mintlaw Discovery Centre.

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