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Son remembers Aden Country Park founder

Tree will be ‘poignant link to the past’ in restored lower garden

The son of the founding father of one of the north-east’s most popular visitor attractions planted a tree at the site yesterday in memory of his family’s links with the area.

James Russell, son of Sidney and Eleanor Russell, the former owners of Aden Estates, attended a ceremony at a newly restored garden in Aden Country Park, Mintlaw.

He planted the tree in a lower garden in the grounds, which have undergone a major revamp in recent years.

Mr Russell said his father was heartbroken when he sold the estate in 1937.

He added: “I am grateful to Aberdeenshire Council for agreeing to my planting a tree in the beautifully restored lower garden in memory of my parents. It broke my father’s heart to leave Aden when he sold the estate and my mother loved the lower gardens.

“I am very glad to be back at the park and have the opportunity to plant the tree.”

Sidney Russell inherited the Aden Estate unexpectedly as he was the youngest of three sons.

He was the final resident of the spectacular mansion that now lies in ruins on the site.

Commenting on the memorial, the chairman of the local authority’s infrastructure services committee, councillor Peter Argyle, said: “The new tree will be a poignant link to the park’s past which I’m sure will be of great interest to local residents.”

Committee vice-chairwoman councillor Jill Webster added: “The park is celebrating its 30th year and we continue to develop the facilities and attractions which are available at Aden.”

By Stephen Christie. Published: 03/09/2010