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cycling funAden Country Park offers an extensive network of well-maintained footpaths offering short, medium and long walking, jogging, or cycle routes for everyone to enjoy. The paths, many of which are suitable for wheelchair users, range from tarmac surface, country style stone surface and grass or bark surface.

There are many different routes and paths around Aden, a few suggestions for you to follow are shown below.  For further information on each of the suggested trails please download the Aden Map (Link to download the map) which is also available from the Farming Museum.


Children’s Trail

An easy going trail (1.3K) aimed at kids, parents and those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. The trail takes you past various sites of interest in Aden. Starting from the courtyard area your first stop should be the Ice Cream Kiosk, quickly followed by the SANDS, Carers’ and Sensory Gardens, Children’s Play Area, Lake, Tree House, Mansion House, past the Arc Recording Studio, returning back to the courtyard where you can then visit the Farming Museum and award winning Café/Restaurant.

Hareshowe Trail

Starting and ending at the courtyard area this trail is medium in length (1.8K) and guides you to the impressive reconstructed Harehowe Farm. The house, steadings and surrounding fields demonstrate what life was like living in a small Buchan farm in the 1950’s. Once you’ve finished your tour, the trail takes you over the old cattle creep, down through the Victorian Arboretum, up past the Aden Mansion House and old laundry building (now Arc Recording Studio) before taking you back to the courtyard.

Woodland Walk Trail

One of the longest (4.2K) an d most interesting suggested trails is the Woodland Walk Trail. This trail also starts/ends at the courtyard area. The trail quickly takes you away from the bustlin ns/editors/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js" type="text/javascript"> g crowds and into peaceful woodlands. Pas sing various secluded picnic spots along the way we suggest you pack some snacks for your journey. Other sights to be seen include the Victorian Arboretum, Ice House, North Lodge, Lake, and SANDS garden. This trail is a great way to learn about the whole of Aden Country Park.

Tree Trail

Aden Estate was home to a wide variety of trees, both native and exotic. Over 200 years later, some of these original trees, both conifer and broadleaf, can be found on the medium length (1.6K) Tree Trail. Starting and ending at the courtyard area the trail leads you out on well-established paths that lead to the stunning Victorian Arboretum, and round by what will be the new arboretum. Each tree has a numbered marker post, and the leaflet/map shows the location along with a brief description on each specimen. Download the Tree Trail Leaflet here

Fortmartine & Buchan Way

Aden also offers access to the long distance Formartine & Buchan Way (F&B Way). The F&B Way is a 54 mile off-road route linking Dyce with Ellon, Maud, Fraserburgh and Peterhead. The F&B Way makes an ideal cycle, walking and jogging path and most sections are available for horse riding and some sections are wheelchair-accessible. The route also acts as a wildlife corridor and so there is plenty to see along the route throughout the year. For further information visit the Formartine & Buchan Way page.