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Memorial Tree

We understand how important it is to mark the passing of a loved one, and at Aden Country Park we are happy to meet and discuss the possibility of planting a memorial tree somewhere in our much-loved country park.

By planting a young memorial tree in Aden Country Park, you will be growing a new life which marks the passing of those who you cherish the most.  

In consultation with our Landscape Services colleagues, we can discuss both the location and tree species types best suited for planting in the park. Once a tree type has been agreed, our Landscape Services colleagues will then purchase the tree on your behalf, with reimbursement due after the tree has been delivered.  

Timescales between contact us, having an onsite meeting, the ordering and delivery of the tree can take at least a month so please bear this in mind. Another thing to take into consideration is the best time of year to plant a memorial tree. The best tree planting time tends to be when trees are dormant, so planting between February and March would be ideal. Planting at this time will give the tree the best chance of survival, but other tree planting times will be considered.    

Once the tree has been delivered, Landscape Services will agree upon the date you want to plant the tree, and whether you plan to install a plaque alongside the tree. We can also help recommend the best way to protect the tree from rabbits and deer, to grow strong, and support nature and biodiversity for many years to come. 

Life continues as the memorial tree grows. Your memorial tree in Aden Country Park will grow and flourish, to remind you and your family forever of your loved one. It is a wonderful way to support a new life, and to enhance nature and the environment. 

To discuss memorial trees please contact John Sibbert by email in the first instance. John’s email address is: john.sibbert@aberdeenshire.gov.uk