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Visitor Information Centre

As part of the Aden Restoration and Redevelopment National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) Project we are currently working on refurbishing the original Coach House into a new Visitor Information Centre.

Aden Coach House pre refurbishment

Former Coach House building, North elevation before restoration in 1970s

Coach House Visitor Centre

Former Coach House building, South elevation as it is today

Following the restoration work undertaken in 1983, the ground floor of the Coach House became a storage area and space for hot desking for Council staff. It was felt that this wasn’t good use of the available space, and after developing plans to transform the space, and receiving the necessary NLHF funding support, planning permissions was received, and the Council set about appointing a capital works contractor to undertake the refurbishment works.

Coach House Before Refurbishment

Storage room to be converted into larger visitor information centre

To transform the available space into a new Visitor Centre, it was decided that we would need to enlarge the space, knocking through two walls, to create one large space which could accommodate a wide range of interpretation. Once complete, the new Visitor Centre will help visitors gain a better understanding about the park, its history and heritage, along with being a key starting point for visitors arriving at the park.

Coach House Refurbishment

Hot-desking room also to be converted into larger visitor information centre

Photographs of the development stages have been included to try and illustrate the process undertaken to create the one large space, ready for interpretation to be developed.

Coach House Refurbishment

Opening up wall into hot-desking room to create larger visitor information centre

After the building works were completed, the Council have now appointed a graphic designer to help develop the necessary interpretation and visuals to make the Coach House an engaging interpretation space. We are currently working on developing both the text and imagery for this space, along with developing a wide range of interpretation panels, trails, leaflets, education pack, and most recently the development of this new Aden Country Park website.

Coach House Refurbishment

Opening up wall into storage/old stables room to create larger visitor information centre

Coach House Refurbishment

Original stone work exposed, plastering completed, and new lighting installed

We are aiming to get the Coach House Visitor Centre completed by Spring 2023, tying in with the reopening of the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum which opens annually from April until October.

Coach House Refurbishment

Ramp, railing and steps installed to create accessible visitor information centre

Until the Visitor Centre is completed, visitor information can be picked up from either the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum or alternatively from the Aden Craft & Gift Shop.

Coach House Refurbishment

Horse stalls renovated to form part of the visitor information centre

To see more photographs of the development process for both the Coach House and the Gardeners Cottage, please feel free to download the attached “Building Works Progress Report” pdf below.