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Local Attractions

The Buchan area, sometimes referred to as “Land of the big sky” is a land steeped in rich culture, heritage, and natural beauty. With one of the highest concentrations of ancient monuments and standing stones in mainland UK, Buchan’s rich history is as unique as its climate; low rainfall and clean air make it ideal for a plethora of outdoor pursuits. Click on any of the links below for further information.

Places of Interest

There are a vast number of local attractions in Buchan and the surrounding area to explore. Sites include monuments, observatories, abbeys, and other natural and manmade landmarks, each with its own fascinating story. 

Dining & Accommodation

While you are in the Buchan area there are several superb cafés or restaurants to try. Equally if you plan to stay for longer, there is a great range of accommodation including hotels, caravan sites, B&Bs or self-catering options 

Towns & Villages

The Buchan area is comprised of many picturesque towns and villages such as Strichen, Old Deer, Maud and Cruden Bay. In contrast Buchan also contains Aberdeenshire’s largest town, Peterhead, all of which offer a range of outdoor pursuits. 


If you would prefer to take a guided tour around Buchan, by road or sea, then you are in luck. Operators will happily take you to castles, stone circles, quaint fishing villages, or even puffin, whale, and dolphin spotting! 


Often referred to as Castle Country, the historic Aberdeenshire is home to around a thousand castles or castle ruins, providing a wealth of history to explore. Buchan itself hosts a wide range of castles, each holding a different story to tell. 

Stone Circles 

A stone circle is a monument of standing stones arranged in a circle. Aberdeenshire, and the Buchan area in particular has a large amount of prehistoric standing and recumbent stone circles to be explored. 

Golf Courses

Banff and Buchan is blessed with some of the best, beautiful, most challenging, and oldest golf courses in the world. With spectacular panoramic views the choice of golf courses is enough to challenge golfers of all abilities.

Nature & Wildlife 

Buchan and the surrounding area are fortunate to have some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the UK. Whether it’s the unique moving sand dunes or wonderful wetland, there is a diversity of bird and wildlife resulting from the range of habitats. 

Other Attractions 

There is a vast amount of other local attractions in Buchan and the surrounding area to explore. If your interests include museums, heritage centres, aquariums, or large mansion houses, look no further. 

External Links

Rather than us tell you about the other fantastic attractions on offer in Buchan and the surrounding area we thought we would just point you in the right direction with some website links.